Choose the Perfect Stain or Color for your Interior Shutters

How to Choose the Perfect Stain or Color for your Interior Shutters

White Golden West Shutters

Choosing the right stain or color for your custom built plantation shutters is important. But, with so many options, pinpointing the perfect shade for your living space can be difficult. The color or stain of your shutters should be based on three things – room size, wall color, and your personality.

Room Size

The size of your space is a big factor in determining the colors you should incorporate into the design of your plantation shutters. Larger rooms, for example, can afford to have custom window shutters made of deeply stained basswood from our Designer Series. Dark colors tend to make a room appear smaller, which may work well for a space that is overwhelmingly large. Lightly colored accents, however, can brighten spaces, and make them feel much larger. That’s why white plantation shutters from our Traditional Series tend to work well in small rooms. So, based on the size of your space, you can narrow down shutter stain and color choices, making the decision process easier and more manageable.

Wall Color

Your choice in wall color will affect how you choose to design your custom plantation shutters. For example, if you have white walls, in order to establish continuity, you may want to choose a light cream color for your shutters. Similarly, a dusky gray wall color may pair well with dark basswood shutters. There are exceptions to this rule, since complementary color schemes may not work for every room. Maybe you have a small space with darkly colored walls. In that case, it be a good idea to install lightly stained or colored shutters in order to make the room feel larger. As a general rule, however, matching light walls with light shutters, and dark walls with dark shutters, works very well.


There is no set formula for choosing the stain or color of your plantation shutters. Sometimes subjective factors come into play, like personality. Bold people may like a splash of dramatic color, like a rustic red. Or, if someone is prone to stress or anxiety, calming shutter stains and colors may be better, like white or lightly stained natural basswood. Surround yourself with colors that you will enjoy living in, and that match your attitudes and preferences. Don’t settle for one color because you think your space needs it, go for whatever color suits your style.

Take control of your space by coming to Golden West Shutters of Lake Forest in Orange County, California for your family’s shutter needs. We offer many custom stains and colors to make the most of your space, and to match your lifestyle. View our portfolio of previous projects online, or visit our factory and showroom to see our hand-crafted, quality shutters for yourself. Contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you.