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Step 2 - Position the mount Once you’ve got your brackets attached loosely, position the mounting plate and connect to the brackets. The HOMCOM top box stands out for being incredibly cheap. A huge selection of the leading brands of motorcycle luggage and free delivery from £70!. This almost always comes with the top box – but check to make sure you don’t need to buy it separately! Complete with soft technopolymer inserts, shocks are absorbed during riding so your items are protected against damage. Easily find the right SHAD hard or soft luggage for your scooter or motorcycle. Fitting a top box is relatively easy, but bike specific. There are loads of good options on the market. The handle folds right into the case. A motorcycle top box (also called hard tail bag or top case) is a good way to add lots of extra storage to your bike and keep items secure. Kappa Monolock Top Box/Top Case K35NT Black Kappa Monolock Top Case with universal fitting plate included. This 47 litre box from Givi seems to be the sweet spot in capacity for many riders. It doesn’t cost much more than the smaller Givi top boxes, so it is worth it to buy this case if you need lots of storage. CellDeal Universal 56L ONE OF THE BEST ON THE MARKET TRIED AND TESTED BY ME AWESOME and at 32.99 an absolute bargain and a must!! You might end up with a wobbly mount. Vespa Painted Top Box GTS 300 / Super 2018 $ 315 . It seems you’ll either love it or hate it though. Page. It has a document pocket and elastic belts for securing items. If you’re commuting and you need to carry your every day, a top box is a great option as it doesn’t add to the width of the bike and unlike soft luggage, is lockable and you can leave it in place. Mounting plates can have different holes, so make sure you follow the instructions to attach to the correct ones. Check Amazon. BikerRated is reader-supported. LITRE TOP BOX MOTOR CYCLE … They make luggage in a classic style and it really suits modern retros, keeping the whole thing looking classy. Size definitely affects handling at high speeds. I've always been … For such a cheap top box, its construction and design are fantastic. Top boxes have their place but they’re not for everyone. A lot of people hate motorcycle top boxes because they “ruin” the aesthetics of the bike. With a capacity of 46L and a max load of 10kg, your helmet will fit inside this aluminium hard case no problem. The best motorcycle top boxes can be pricey investments though. One of the main benefits of top boxes is that they can be locked, allowing you to leave your items behind with the bike. There aren’t any straps or pockets inside, so you’ll have to be careful when opening the case to make sure everything doesn’t fall out. Motorcycle Top Boxes. A top box could be considered a permanent addition to the bike, in that it bolts or locks securely to the mounting rack. A universal mount, a sharp drill bit and a few well-measured holes ought to do the job.. Height 300mm x Width 410mm x Depth 400mm. The top box is easily removed so you can use the case like large luggage. Top Boxes … Show per page. Givi top boxes are well known, The 30l box is a good size, well made and easy to fit. Bear in mind that there is no one best motorcycle top box for all bikes. Might have trouble fitting it to some bikes. Givi V47N Monokey Top Case. I haven’t heard of any incidences of it cracking or the lock breaking. Please log in again. Top boxes and tail bags are generally used for different purposes. And (regardless of bike size) never overload your top box. Many people in biker forums recommend going with larger top boxes because “you can always use more storage.”. It is very cheap but still offers the reliability you’d expect with Givi products. grid. It depends on how you want to use it. Givi’s boxes feature their patented “Monokey” or “Monolock” system. The real issue is the size of the top box. I personally find it too boxy looking and don’t like how rain falls on it. Oozing with quality throughout, this 47l box is perfect for commuters and day trippers. GIVI MONOLOCK TOP BOXES are of a lighter construction and can take a load of 3 to 5kg.They are mainly used for commuting. Viper RS V225 Hi Viz Motorcycle Helmet ... Giro Montane SkiSnowboard Helmet, M £ 136.99 £ 37.99. Compared to other cheap top boxes, the fitting system is very secure. Givi’s Bags, cases and helmets are the international point of reference for safety, strength, ease of use and design. SHAD offers a wide range of top cases all of which feature great attention to detail that combines with a modern stylish design to offer some of the best top cases on the market. Find local used top box in motorcycle vehicles in the UK and Ireland. Then, as we struggle to close the lid on 4 pairs of shoes, I’m left wondering why we didn’t just take the car. Measure how much space it takes up in litres (I shoved my gear into a 50 litre cool box to gauge the size). Official SHAD Dealer of Accessories, Cases, fitting kits and much more. At Halfords we’ve got a huge range of essential motorbike accessories for every bike and budget! All orders are on hold. If so, it is time to upgrade your motorcycle luggage. Motorcycle top boxes range from the ultra-cheap to expensive products by top brand names. That said, the best top boxes will provide some degree of theft protection. Some people love the aluminium style of the Trekker case. An awkward shape makes it harder to get items inside. No Spam. We’ve picked a few universal models that’ll fit the majority of bikes at price points that should suit everyone. The difference is well explained in the video below. A tail bag can be strapped to the machine, making it much easier to put on or take off as and when required. Uses the excellent Givi mounting plate (you’ll have to by this separately) which allows for quick release and is extremely stable when the bike is moving. The No.1 destination for motorcycle luggage, offering free next day delivery and the best deals on SHAD products. It’s easy to test how big of a top box you need. Step 3 - Attaching your top box Once everything is secured, attach your top box and away you go. Set Descending Direction. I have other motorcycle gear for sale, so please f The grab-rail, top shock or standard rack are traditionally the best mounting points depending on your bike model. Enough for a helmet, gloves & locks. SR6415. It only takes a teen with a screwdriver and some patience to separate you from your top box. If you’re on a budget, then check out this Bagtecs aluminium top box. Easy to remove from the bike rack and the handle means it can be carried like a case if need be. Looking for motorcycle accessories? All SHAD top boxes have the capacity to hold a single helmet, and range all the way to the award winning expandable SH58x / SH59x which offer 58 litres of storage that easily fits 2 full face helmets. It’s nothing you won’t get used to but if you’re going to be carrying luggage all the time, I would seriously consider a bike that has built-in luggage options. We've selected 4 affordable universal top boxes from MCN's Shop just for you. 5 Best Motorcycle Top Boxes Reviewed. 99 £27.99 £27.99 If you aren’t ready to shell out a lot of money for a Monokey Givi top box, the Givi E300N is an affordable Monolock alternative. A lot of manufacturers like Givi, are helpful and have a search option for your bike and top box model, so you get the correct mounting plate. You have to keep the key in the cylinder to lock this top box, so there’s no risk of your keys getting accidentally locked inside. Important information Due to current Covid-19 delivery restrictions, orders cannot be shipped to the UK until further notice. any questions feel free to ask If you have a pillion or armour on your jacket, you’ll probably need at least 46 litres. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Sort By. However, Givi is a popular brand so you should be able to find bike-specific mounting advice online. The UK's SHAD luggage specialists. Check out the full range at J&S Accessories from top brands including Givi and Oxford Products and enjoy free delivery on orders over £100. The Monokey system means you can use the same key for the lid and base plate. This way, you can’t lock your keys inside. Some top boxes come with mounts, but if yours doesn’t, you will need to purchase this from the top box manufacturer. Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved! 1 EGO BIKE Black Motorcycle Trunk Tour Pack Luggage for Harley Honda Yamaha Suzuki Cruiser Motorcycle Luggage Tour Trunk Tail Box with Top Rack Backrest; 2 AUTOINBOX Universal Motorcycle Rear Top Box Tail Trunk Luggage Storage Case,47 Litre Hard Case with Mounting Hardware,with LED Light,Black; 3 EGO BIKE Black Motorcycle Trunk Tail Box Luggage Universal w/Top … Over 7,000 bikers are in the club. You could use a rucksack but personally I don’t like carrying anything on me when I’m on the bike. MotoGP Rain Cover. This saves you the hassle of carrying an extra key. If you only need a small top box for inexpensive items go for the Ryde 32 litre. Height 300mm x Width 410mm x Depth 400mm. You can even match the lock to all of your other Givi Monokey luggage. Givi E300N Monolock Top Box. 30 litres of space. Enough for a helmet, gloves & locks. In the video below, you can see how a thief unsuccessfully tried to break into a Givi top box. Dimensions of the HOMCOM top box are 40(l)x38(w)x28(h). Just grab your gear and try to pack it up. You’ll need a bike-specific one. I’m a very rational person though and the practical benefits of top boxes outweigh the aesthetic argument. Unbolt the stock parts and attach the brackets loosely at first. Motorcycle Top Boxes from the UK's leading online bike store. The login page will open in a new tab. SW Motech TraX ALU-BOX luggage systems are the ultimate in quality motorcycle hard panniers and top boxes. Secure locking mechanism and construction. Be aware that the shape of the top box can affect how much it will hold. ZMCOV Motorcycle Top Box, Top Case Luggage Scooter with Night Warning Light, Wear-Resistant Waterproof Humanized Design Top Boxes for Motorbikes Givi E300N2 Motorcycle Top Box Storage Case, Includes Monolock Fitting Plate Comes with two keys. As expected with a cheap motorcycle top box, you won’t get extra features or a thief-proof lock. Specific rear rack for MONOLOCK® or MONOKEY® top-case to be combined with the M5, M7, M8A, M8B, M9A or M9B MONOKEY® plate, or with the M5M or M6M MONOLOCK® plate, or with the aluminium bag holder Read the news > EX2M / if combined with M8A, M8B, M9A, M9B it does not allow the assembly of the stop light kit or the remote control device on the top-case 50 Universal Fit Universal Fit parts can be installed on various motorcycles and may require modification. Free UK delivery over £25 and easy returns on our range of over 100,000 products. However, you’ve got to be careful about doing this. As a forgetful person, I’d rather not have this risk. As from February 2018 we are listing KAPPA top boxes. accidentally lock the keys inside the box, Doesn’t add to width of bike (better for squeezing through rush hour traffic), Provide good protection for items like laptops and paperwork, Pillion can use as a backrest. It uses 4 hooks instead of the 2 that most cheap top boxes use. GIVI produces and makes motorbike accessories perfect for demanding bikers. Designed with a patented key that attaches the box to the mount and operates the box lock, this is a lightweight hard case suitable for motorcycles or scooters. You’ll need a bike-specific one. Will fit a lid easily ... Ryde 32l Motorcycle Top Box. At 32 litres, the Ryde can still surprisingly hold a decent amount of gear including a full-face helmet and some extras. In short, don’t buy a huge top box for a tiny bike. The best biking experiences, discounts, tips, routes and a FREE motorcycle security eBook. Oxford Products Ltd (OXFORD) - a global leader in motorcycle and bicycle products. Waterproof Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Outdoor Scooter Cover Covers Shelter Garage This box has enough room for 1 motorcycle helmet but only has a max load of 3kg. Here’s what you need to know to get the best quality top box for your money. Disclosure: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”Disclosure: "When you buy through links on our site we may earn a commission." Once you have everything on, make sure there is enough clearance around the tail unit and tighten up the bolts on the brackets and the mounting plate. You can either fully open it on the hinge, or you can open just part of the lid – which is useful if you are trying to get small items out of the top box without spilling everything all over the road. Bike of Burden in Vietnam flickr photo by graeme_newcomb shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license, Motorcycle Tyre Pressure: Everything You Need To Know, The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet For Pain Free Riding, Best Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System For Hassle Free Pressure Checks, Motorcycle Hip Armour Guide – Reviews and Buyers Guide, Best Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Gauge For Safer Riding, Best Motorcycle Goggles (Retro and MX Options), About usContact usAdvertise with usHow we review products, 5 Elements of CBTTraining schoolsBike dealers, Terms & ConditionsDisclaimerPrivacy PolicyCookie Policy. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you carry a 10kg load in your top box, it will affect the bike’s centre of gravity and to an extent the handling. Then you will need a bike-specific mounting kit for attaching the plate to the bike rack (if you still don’t have a bike rack, now is the time to get one). After logging in you can close it and return to this page. llll BMW motorcycle Top Box | Best price | Genuine BMW Motorrad | Reliable & fast delivery | Easy to order online! Some people did report problems when trying to fit it to their bikes. Motorcycle top box - made by renntecin used but very good condition, no damage, cracks or splits. BANDIT ALIEN 2 MOTORCYCLE HELMET UK £ 127.99 £ 37.99-72%. Still using a heavy rucksack while riding? You’ll easily fit two helmets plus some clothing and spare bits. The majority of motorcycle top case manufacturers make mounting racks that will fit almost every bike that you might want to fit one too. It does, however, include a universal fitting kit. The majority of motorcycle top case manufacturers make mounting racks that will fit almost every bike that you might want to fit one too. Maximum load is 3 kg. You can’t reduce the number of keys required, and the locking mechanism tends not to be as sturdy. Note though that you have to push on the latch to lock the thing. My only issue with the Givi Maxia is that it can be locked without the key in the cylinder, meaning you could lock your keys inside. The Top Box has transparent reflectors for a more aggressive style. If you’ve got an Aprilia RSV4 RF and you want to fit a top box, then a) you bought the wrong bike and b) you might struggle to find a good mounting plate. Will fit a lid easily with plenty of space left over for boots, clothes etc. The Monokey lock is also much sturdier than universal mounts. If your kit came with grommets or plugs, use these for a more beautiful finish. From the smooth opening action to the foolproof locking mechanism everything just works. Top All Rounder. It’s less than half the price of the other more well-known brands and it looks decent. I also appreciate that the key has to be in the cylinder to lock the top box. My preferred order when it comes to carrying stuff on the bike is: small tank bag for small stuff, a tailpack for a bit more stuff, soft panniers for even more stuff and then break out the top box if the other half’s coming too. Motorcycle Luggage; Motorcycle Top Boxes; Motorcycle Top Boxes. To fit a top box to your motorcycle, you will need to have some hardware. delivered goods very quickly. See our privacy policy. ... Find out more about the best tyres Close menu Home Tyres Search for Tyres Mobile Tyre Fitting Tyre Brands Wheel Alignment ... Halfords 27ltr Top Box Gtm50043 4.1 / 5 (9) £35.00 Compare. Items 1-20 of 210. Step 1 - Fixing the brackets Brackets usually attach to a specific point on your bike, the instructions will show you where. The Trekker can be opened fully or just the top to allow access to smaller items. 00 $ 388 . The only minor point is that it doesn’t come with a mountain plate or rack, so you’ll have to buy one of those and fit the case yourself. Check SportsBikeShop. Considering how cheap the Ryde top box is, it has a lot of impressive features. Add to Wish List. We’ll only send you the good stuff. Read on to get the lowdown on our favourite products. If you have a larger full-face helmet (such as one with vents), it might not fit into the HOMCOM. I have other motorcycle gear for sale, so please f Yes – having storage is great, but it can cause some problems if you go too large. A stylish option for any bike, the Givi Trekker uses the same Monokey design as our cheap option. First you’ll need the mounting plate for the top box. Recommended reading –, You can strap other items onto the top box, You store valuable items in your top box and don’t want to trust them to a cheap top box, You park your bike in areas where it is vulnerable to theft, You need good instructions on how to fit the top box, You only use your top box for storing your lunch on the way to work. Peter Stevens Motorcycles Online is the best Australian online shop to find motorcycle top boxes. There is a hinge mechanism inside the top which allows the lid to stay open while you load it. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Constructed from tough aluminium, the Trekker Outback is a whopping 58 litres and carries a max load of 10kg allowing you to fit 2 full-face helmets within. Monokey cases are only compatible with Monokey mounts, so make sure you have the correct fitting before you buy. Find local used motorbike top box in motorbike spares and accessories in the UK and Ireland. This Kappa Top Box can hold 1 full-face helmet & has a capacity of 35 litres. Contents. Learn more. This 47 litre box from Givi seems to be the sweet spot in capacity for many riders. I’ve heard of people using generic-brand mounting kits because they are cheaper than the bike-specific brand name ones. View as Grid List. But, I also know that you can find seemingly identical gear by generic brands for a fraction of the cost. It beats carrying a motorcycle helmet with you around town. Fantastic build quality is a given with Givi and this box is no exception. Be warned that even the best boxes are still susceptible to theft. Easily mounted to the rack on the back of your motorcycle, top boxes are a perfect alternative to motorcycle panniers, offering ample storage with some being able to store up to two motorcycle helmets . Established in 1973, OXFORD is now one of the world's leading suppliers of products to the two-wheeled industry. Measure your helmet carefully before buying this top box. The Givi Maxia has a 56 litre capacity, making it one of the biggest top boxes that you’ll find. I guess it’s not too surprising since they seemed to copy the design from a certain other well known brand-name! With a capacity of 46L and a max load of 10kg, your helmet will fit inside this aluminium hard case no problem. Important note: the Monokey mounting kit is not included. Buy and sell hassle free with Preloved! If you’ve got a classic bike a modern classic or something retro and you don’t want a set of big, bold, aluminium and plastic top boxes, then check out this website: At first glance the Moto GP cover looks light and only really suitable for the … The best top boxes for the best prices are here! By contrast, Monolock top boxes use a universal mount which can’t be used with Monokey luggage. Whether you’re a courier transporting important stuff or just an everyday rider needing to safe keep your belongings, you'll never be wrong on getting a motorcycle top box. As you’d expect from Givi, the design of the top box is very nice. This is one of the most popular motorcycle top boxes by Givi. Despite its low price, the top box is still built well. There are loads of good options on the market. 30 litres of space. At 30 liters, the top box will only hold 1 helmet and some small items. If you’ve got an Aprilia RSV4 RF and you want to fit a top box, then a) you bought the wrong bike and b) you might struggle to find a good mounting plate. HOMCOM 28L Motorcycle Tail box Helmet Top Case Motorbike Luggage Storage Trunk Carrier Mount Rack w/ 2 Keys 4.3 out of 5 stars 23 £25.99 £ 25 . Kappa Specific Rear Rack For Yamaha Cygnus X … It took me 10 minutes to figure that out! The thief destroyed the lock in the process but luckily Givi makes replacement locks. Givi B27NMAL Monolock Top Case - 27 Litre, Givi TRK46N Trekker Monokey Top Case - 46 Litre, Givi OBKN58B Trekker Outback Black Line Top Box - 58 Litre. motorcycle top box complete with plate and fixings. The generic kits don’t always attach well. A stylish option for any bike, the Givi Trekker uses the same Monokey design as our cheap option. As a general rule, you need to get a motorcycle top box which is big enough to fit the following items: For solo riders, this means getting at least 37 litres. Using the Monokey design again, you can attach this box to any Monokey plate (not included with purchase). Although lighter in construction than the Monokey top boxes their efficiency and durability is not being compromised.. KAPPA MONOLOCK TOP BOXES. These great motorbike panniers easily hold up to 33 litres each - giving a combined total of 66 litres worth of luggage… People mostly love it because of its cool opening and partitioning method. I love brands like Givi for motorcycle gear. Givi E300N2 Motorcycle Top Box Storage Case, Includes Monolock Fitting Plate Comes with two keys. The Trekker can be opened fully or just the top to allow access to smaller items. Givi Trekker Monokey TRK46N 46 Liter Top Box. the Monokey mounting kit is not included.

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